Paul is an international campaigner with over 25 years at the forefront of advocacy and campaigning on environmental and peace issues in different countries. He is a marine biologist with degrees from Newcastle University and Portsmouth Polytechnic. Paul spent five years at sea on merchant ships. Then from 1989 he worked as a Greenpeace campaigner. In 1991 Paul led a Greenpeace expedition to the Persian Gulf assessing the environmental impacts of the ‘91 Gulf War. Subsequently he coordinated campaigns to challenge the oil industry as well as campaigning for the ‘solutions’ highlighted by the need to support the massive expansion of energy efficiency programmes and renewable energy technologies. Since 2013 Paul has worked as a freelance environmental consultant and strategist. Most recently Paul led a Greenpeace team in response to the threat posed by the FSO Safer, moored off the Yemeni coast in the Red Sea.

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